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A P.S. to the P.S.

Summer, 2006
I wrote what follows below, beneath the title And, In the End...in early 2006. Snow was on the ground and deer were romping through the backyard of our retreat in Montauk.. These days, it's hot, the grass is growing faster than I feel like mowing it, and the only thing romping through my yard are drunken pseudo-surfers, taking a shortcut to the beach.

There have been many changes in my life as well. I sold a book to Harper-Collins Children's Division entitled The New York Nutcracker. It is due for release in ??? That's the book business these days. . Meantime, I've been doing some writing for the East Hampton Star.a great example of what a fine American small town newspaper looks like.

And, In the End...

The New York Jets got their stadium, only it is not a stadium of their own and it is not located in New York . Instead, they will partner with the New York ( Jersey ) Giants on a new stadium in the Meadowlands. All this makes great financial sense (The NFL is, after all, a business) and they did, as an organization, do everything possible to get a stadium built on the West Side of Manhattan, but accountants don’t fill ballparks, teams and their perceived identities do. I will certainly continue to drive out to the Meadowlands on game day, light the grill, roast some sausages, drink a Bloody Mary and head inside, but I sure wish I could do that in New York City . No tailgating in Manhattan ? No problem. My “game day” would start and end in O’Farrell’s. It is a sacrifice I gladly would have made.

Within days of the announcement that the Jets were committing to the state of New Jersey , the Jets season crashed and burned as both their quarterbacks were lost to season-ending injuries within the span of two minutes at Giants Stadium. It was almost as if Jimmy Hoffa, whose remains purportedly lie beneath the current stadium, reached up from the netherworld through the artificial turf, clutching the Jets franchise in his hands. “You’re mine, now,” one could almost hear Hoffa saying, as he dragged it to the ground, “you belong to me.”

Within days after the West Side Stadium was killed, the New York City Olympic bid crashed and burned, as well, despite the city's last-ditch efforts at promoting a stadium in Queens. It was never about the stadium with the IOC, it was about America's current standing in the world. New York wouldn't have gotten the Olympics if it had ten stadiums.

The other Jimmie, James Dolan, owner of Cablevision and Madison Square Garden , celebrated his victory by continuing not to pay real estate taxes on the Garden, one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in the world, while simultaneously screwing his minimum wage workers out of every cent he could.

The City of New York got what it started off with, a fourteen acre hole in the ground in the form of a train-yard. It will be many years before that hole gets filled in, and when it does, it will be covered with 70-story buildings. The city Fathers and Mothers will see to that.

Speaking of city Fathers and Mothers…

Mayor Mike Bloomberg, as we predicted, rolled over the Democrats in the November election. I did not vote.

Christine Quinn, as we predicted, moved into the office vacated by Gifford Miller. Her ambitions are much grander than that tiny office will contain. See you in 2009.

Gifford Miller is doing whatever it is rich politicos do in New York City when they are not taking bites out of the Big Apple.

Judith Miller, our favorite off-topic subject on the web site, brought, as we predicted she would, disgrace upon herself and The New York Times, while wearing the mantle of martyrdom.

The Times continues to perform the noble task on a daily basis of bringing real national and world news and analysis into the homes of millions around the world.

The New York Times’ new office tower is rising into the sky as I write these words, opposite the Port Authority. The Times’ partner in this project, Bruce Ratner, is currently bulldozing his way across downtown Brooklyn in a project so vast that it would have made even Robert Moses blanch. The Times’ coverage of this has been tepid, at best.

Brian Hatch continues to write his blog, though why he does so, I do not know. Long Winter nights, I suppose.

As for myself, it was not easy to walk away from this site, but it was not hard, either. What is past is past

-T. E. McMorrow

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